How to Whiten Bikini Area Fast

A dark Bikini area is most definitely a woman's worst nightmare. Whether within closed doors, in intimate encounters with your partner, or a day out in the beach wearing your favorite Bikini. Although we wish it weren’t true, woman accumulates fat on the thigh and butt, causing friction which causes the skin to become hyperpigmented.

If you have severe hyperpigmentation it is likely that you ignored the initial signs of the darkening of the Bikini area. Physical exertion has caused those areas to rub, chaff and scar. We have all made the mistake of leaving such skin problems untreated, often assuming the problem would resolve itself in the days to come.

However, it is never too late to take up a regimented approach to repair the hyperpigmentation on your Bikini area. There are two ways to solve this problem, the natural way, which takes time to really give you the results you want, and may fail to achieve them, or turning to cosmetic skin creams and acids.

Most women want fast results, the summer doesn't last long and you really want to look perfect in that boho styled Bikini. Before start treatment you need to clean your bikini line, here is an article on best women's razors for sensitive skin review.

Best Bikini And Dark Area Whitening Cream Reviews

1. Secret Bright

The formula comes as a cream and boasts all-natural ingredients from grape seed extract to Malic Acid, which naturally occurs in greens. Your Bikini area will be flawless in 3 weeks, which might seem like a huge waiting period, but doing something safely is always more important that doing it quickly.

2. Marie France Dark Butt, Inner Thighs and Bikini Area Professional Whitening Kit

The kit is professional-grade and has a soap, serum and cream. It works in just 7 days The treatment can be used every three months to prevent the return of embarrassing pigmentation..

Now, aren't those the kind of results you really want when it comes to your Bikini area?

3. Creams with Salicylic/Glycolic/ Lactic/Kojic Acid

Kojic and Lactic acid are the friendliest of acids and work best for sensitive skin. Pick up a cream with a relatively high percentage of kojic acid and apply it generously two times a day. Kojic Soap (click to see it on

Salicylic and Glycolic acids are intense acids and shouldn't be kept on the skin for longer than two hours. Acid creams give quick results by breaking down hyperpigmented skin and whitening your Bikini area.

4. Intimate Wash

Most washes for your intimate areas contain lactic acid Do not use harsh soaps which dry out your skin Instead, always use a wash which is much more gentle.

One of the main causes for a highly pigmented Bikini area is the constant use of razors, wax, and epilators for a Brazilian.

Do you need to be constantly smooth down there?

Embrace the hair on your lady parts and take it off only for a day at the beach or special occasions.

No one likes to see hair sticking out the sides of Bikini!

Embrace the cosmetic solutions to whiten your Bikini area, but don’t ignore DIY natural remedies like crushed papaya and lemon juice on alternative days, and watch your blemishes disappear.

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