The Amazing Best Facial Epilator For Women 2018

We know what it's like to try to bleach that mustache, or tweeze the hairs growing on your chin, head and neck. No one wants to be the next bearded lady.

Trying to find a long-term solution has proved tedious, and at times, quite painful for me, and few hair removal processes provide long-term results.

Coming from a family that tends to get quite a lot of hair growth on the face, even including dark sideburns at times, it has become necessary for me to find something that works on the smaller areas, quickly and with minimal problems.

And also be able to do slightly larger areas of the face when needed. I also had to find something that removed the hair by the root, so that it takes longer to grow back and doesn't grow back any darker or harder than the hair that was removed in the first place.

Why did I decide to try an epilator?

I tried tweezing, sugaring, waxing, threading, and some other hair removal options. The results were just not what I was looking for.

Tweezing took way too long, and I had to pluck out the hairs one by one. This was fine for eyebrows and maybe even the mustache, but it was an impossible task for my hairline, head, sideburns, and chin as it just took too long and regrowth seemed to be overnight sometimes.

Sugaring and waxing did remove a lot of hair quite quickly, but the lack of precision was a problem. I had to work with strips, so I was not able to target the areas as precisely, and was often left with weird bald patches on my face, surrounded by areas of short hairs that I did not want to remove. This was also not the most painless of hair removal processes, and left a lot of sticky mess to clean up afterwards too.

Threading was a more targeted way of removing hair, but it took so long, and I normally had to go to a salon to have it done, as I wasn't very good at doing it myself. This was a very expensive, long-term solution, and I also did not always have the time to go sit in a salon for a few hours on a biweekly basis.

So, I decided to look around for a solution that would work for me. I needed to be able to target the specific areas on my face, avoid short-term hair regrowth, and it needed to be convenient and not too time consuming. I wasn't too worried about a little bit of pain from the process, as waxing and tweezing had already accustomed my face to pain from hair removal.

A facial epilator seemed to be the next thing to try. Now the next question was, what would be the best facial epilator to get?

Top 3 Facial Epilators For Women

1. Braun Face 830 Premium Edition

The first thing I noticed about this facial epilator is that it allows you to choose from 2 different colors, so you didn't have to go with the clinical looking white one if you didn't want to.

At under $100, this facial epilator seemed to offer all that I was after, with the added benefits of a cleansing brush and other extras, such as the mirror and pouch. The only problem experienced by users seems to be a short battery life. I guess I would need to invest in some rechargeable batteries for this one if I decided to purchase it. It is also recommended that the brush is replaced every 3 months for hygiene purposes, so I should get 6 months full use with the refill in the pack, and would then need to buy further brush refills.


  • Slim head for ultimate precision
  • Includes a deep pore cleansing brush
  • 10 micro openings to catch even fine hair
  • 200 plucking movements per second for fast hair removal
  • A bi-directional switch for doing both sides of your face
  • Facial cleanser exfoliates and refines through micro oscillations
  • It can be used wet or dry
  • Contains an added brush refill
  • Comes with a lighted mirror and beauty pouch
  • Dermatologically tested


  • Not rechargable AA battery

The Remington EP1050CDN offers a lower cost option, but is only offered in pink, which is not really my favorite color, but the added benefits of this facial epilator could make me forget that, for the short period of time I would need to be working with it.

This one is not really suitable for doing eyebrows and is not bi-directional, but seems to work for the rest of the face, if the skin is pulled tight and the epilator is used against the hair growth. It doesn't have a large working area, so it takes a little longer, but allows for more precision than a normal epilator. It is also battery operated, so would need a steady supply of replacements or rechargeable batteries. I wasn't noted in the reviews or the product information that I could find whether this product could be used wet as well as dry. This product does not offer anything over the basic epilation, but is not a bad option for under $50.


  • 6 automatic tweezers
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Battery operated
  • Protective cap
  • Slim shape for easy travel


The EmjQi Tweeze Hair Remover is a tweezer type epilator that is designed for use by men or women and is great on harder facial hairs as well.

This tweezer is compact and easy to use, and needs a circular or back and forth motion to remove the hair effectively, and so not suitable for eyebrows. It does pinch around the sides of the mouth, so skin would need to be stretched tight in this area to remove fast and less painfully; it appears to be for dry use only. On the lower end of the quality scale and priced under $50 for the set as well. It does, however, need regular battery replacements, same as the other epilators in this range.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • No scratching or pulling to cause irritation
  • Battery operated
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean



After reviewing the options on 3 of the best facial epilators on the market, I eventually had to make up my mind. I had worked on a budget of around $100; so all 3 were well within my price range. They all offered portability and were fairly compact and lightweight.

What I really liked about the Braun Face 830 was the added precision to the process and the ability to do my eyebrows, sideburns, upper lip, and chin without having to stress too much about having funny pale shaving lines all over the place.

The extra benefits of the skin cleanser are also a great selling point, even though it wasn't on the original list of things I was looking for in a facial epilator. So while all 3 of the epilators offered value and were capable of doing a decent job of epilating hair on the face, I decided to go with the Braun Face 830 as my first facial epilator. With the other 2 options being quite reasonably priced, I might even get one of them to try as a carry around epilator for when I travel.

What I did find quite impressive is that there is quite a range of facial epilators on the market today, many offering similar options, but others with many other added benefits as well. If you can write down your budget and a list of what you want from your epilator, I'm sure you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

I wanted a nice smooth face, and that's exactly what the Braun Face 830 was able to offer me. It also helped to clean my face and refine pores with the little added extras that it came with. And also offered perfectly shaped brows, which was a selling point for me. Your own solution is just a couple of clicks away!

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