What is Best at Home Laser Hair Removal for Women in 2018? Hair Free Skin for Long Time

Probably you want a silky smooth body as well as a painless and comfortable hair removal machine. You should know the best at-home laser hair removal machines available and be enhanced with the most precise information.

Laser hair removal machines used at home are the best since they are safe, easy to use, efficient, and characterized by durability. However, it's difficult to discern the best device; this laser hair removal used at home review article focuses on the top five only.

Reviews of the Best at-home Laser Hair Removal Product 2017

To make your selection easy, we have selected the top five devices that have been effective for most people in 2016.

1. Remington IPL6500USA I-Light Pro

Light Pro is a popular brand that has been trusted by a majority across the globe. Remington IPL6500USA I- Light Pro is simply their first machine under the name- Remington. It has a large laser head as well as increased strength.

It’s been said that on average, only four flashes may be enough for a square inch skin to be treated. This machine produces ultrafast flash rates that enable you to remove hair from your underarms and bikini lines just within a minute.

It often gives permanent hair reduction within three treatments and also has long lasting cartridges that can provide 1500 flashes. Remington IPL6500USA I-Light Pro has an ultra-face device that allows your body to be compatible with it.

Minimal discomforts have been reported from consumers and others have commented that its strength is less than that of laser-based machines. It is also cheaper and affordable in comparison to other devices like Tria Hair Laser 4X.

Remington IPL6500USA I-Light Pro is a fantastic hair removal machine product which is quicker in hair removal. The most amazing thing about it is simply the fact that it has an inbuilt system.

However, the cost of maintenance has been a challenge since the replacement of cartridge costs between $ 80-90. The replacement of cartridge is not experienced with other cheap laser hair removal at home; therefore, people's perspectives about it differ.

For many individuals who have used this machine, it's worth its value since it has brought a positive outcome. However, some individuals to whom this wasn’t the perfect match for their skin colors had negative results.

Things we liked

  • It gives permanent results
  • It's affordable
  • Has good packaging
  • Has larger head lead in comparison to Tria 4X

Things we didn’t like

  • It's subject to replacement of cartridges
  • Its strength is lesser than other at-home laser machines in the market
  • High cost of maintenance incurred

More details about this product can be obtained here

2. Tria hair removal laser 4X

Tria hair removal laser 4X as its name suggests, it works four times better than the early laser machines that were in the market. This at-home laser hair removal machine is said to be faster than any other at-home laser machine. Interestingly, it does not require any cartridge replacement but only needs recharging hence reduction in maintenance cost.

It is a highly portable device which is hand held by design, and this has made its package to be highly recommended. The Tria Hair Laser 4X in the market leads in the production of this device which enjoys being the best device. It's also a device in the market with five comfort levels and an inbuilt skin sensor.

It also has got a longer battery life compared to other at-home hair removal products. This makes it the most effective at-home laser hair removal machine in the market. However, it is slightly costlier than the Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro and was the first to be approved by the F.D.A.

It is often considered the most useful and efficient device for those with light skin and dark hair combination. Most consumers find its head being small for other body parts hence this has been an issue. Its incapability to be used while being charged using a power adapter has also been one of its challenges.

Despite the price in the market, Tria Hair Laser 4X has been most people's favorite device for hair removal at home. This is mainly attributed to its quick results and its portability nature. This might be an excellent device for those who want at-home laser hair removal machines they can carry around.

Things we liked

  • It's durable
  • Increased battery life
  • Delivers quick results
  • Portable device
  • Slim shape for easy travel

Things we didn’t like

  • It's expensive; price ranges between $$$
  • Limited usage when being charged
  • Has small laser head

Veet Infini’Silk Pro Light-Based Ipl Hair Removal System belongs to the popular veet brand. It is regarded to be ideal for bikini line, underarms, legs as well as the back chest.

It facilitates the elimination of unwanted hair from most body parts, and these include: Thighs, Bikini line, Arms, Underarms, Chest and back.

Its package always comes with a user manual in English and many other languages and utilizes IPL technology in hair removal. Male users can as well decide to use the Infini'Silk to eliminate chest hair.

Most consumers have recommended its lightweight package; however, it's not a permanent hair removal machine.

It's an FDA home approved laser hair removal machine that has often given out faster results than others and available at affordable price. However, it only works on dark hairs since it emits pulsing light that targets melanin.

Its general price varies between $$$, and it is mainly designed for permanent hair reduction. Permanent results are mostly achieved in four to five treatments for those who consistently use it.

It has a built-in skin contact sensor and works for both men and women. You will have to do about 15 treatments before you begin to see any satisfactory results.

Things we liked

  • It's neither too heavy nor too light
  • Works well for various body parts
  • Consumers viewed it to give a faster result
  • Works well for both genders

Things we never liked

  • It's not a permanent hair remover
  • Limited functionality to dark hairs only
  • Price is expensive in comparison to machines, for example, Silk'n SN-008 Flash & Go

More information related to this product can be obtained here

4. LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Device

LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Device enjoys high sales, and it’s an FDA approved at-home hair removal device that uses Intense Pulse Technology (IPL). It claims their users experience up to a 94 percent reduction of unwanted hair. Since it has multiple wavelengths unlike lasers, it scatters light to various parts of the skin during treatment.

It's important to note that LumaRx should only be used for light to medium skin tones. The advanced machinery features an ultra-fast flash window for quick treatment. Further, it has comfort filter technology, so sessions run smoothly, and a convenient cord which doesn't need a frequent charge.

According to the results based on their official website, LumaRx worked two times more efficient than Tria within a period of twelve months.

For intense treatments that require careful attention, the whole body system from LumaRX comes having two interchangeable caps for the body and the face.

Its packaging and scent have not been an issue for many consumers and many of those who have used it said they experienced faster results within a short duration.

Things we liked

  • Has utilized IPL to improve efficiency of the machine
  • Has better coverage and faster treatment times
  • Reduced hotspots
  • Permanently reduces hair growth

Things we didn’t like

  • Limited to light and medium skin tones
  • Considerably expensive
  • It doesn't kill the hair growth even though it permanently reduces hair growth

More information about this product can be obtained here

5. Flash & Go Hair Removal Machine Replacement Cartridge

Flash & Go Hair Removal Machine Replacement Cartridge finally is at-home laser hair removal device that contains disposable lamp cartridges. These lamp cartridges are composed of 1000 small flashlights. Flash & Go Hair Removal Machine Replacement Cartridge uses HPL technology to provide safe and effective hair removal.

It is known for being one of the most affordable machines that are deemed useful during treatment of Underarms, Toes, Neck among others.

It's said to provide safe and painless unwanted hair removal in the body and has a nice scent. It uses a silken Flash & Go only and is FDA approved hair removal machine. However, it's not recommended for use with people with darker skin color or lighter hair color.

​Some consumers said that after eight weeks, they experienced 80% hair removal from the body.

Things we liked

  • It is easily portable
  • It is easy to use even at home
  • It is safe due to the inbuilt sensor that senses dark skin tones and stops to flash
  • Painless machine for removal of hair

Things we didn’t like

  • Cartridges being subject to replacement
  • It is selective of skin tones and types of hair to be used
  • Takes longer time for good results

More details about this product can be obtained here


People’s views

Most people who have tried using any of listed products have often given their views, and most of them published on various websites.

  • Most of those who tried Remington IPL6500USA I- Light Pro said that those who have never experienced the hair issue might not understand. It simply worked well for a greater percentage of consumers.
  • Some individuals never liked Tria 4X due to its small laser head. However, many people said it had quick and permanent results.
  • Various people recommended the veet brand as well as LumaRxIPL Hair Removal devices. However, one thing to keep in mind is that there were also negative comments because nothing can be liked by everybody.
  • Probably, those with negative comments might not have known the skin color that matches with various machines.

What to look for

  • When making a decision, look for a machine that will give you a permanent solution. It’s also advisable that you consider the cost of the product so as to budget effectively and for the future.
  • Check the quality of the product, never buy because the brand is popular but go for that which will be beneficial to you.
  • Buy a machine that has a warranty and from authorized dealers.


Finally, you will appreciate the value of your money when you have a smooth, silky skin you have always desired for.

​There are two sides to a coin, and so the advantages and disadvantages highlighted above for each product are important.


  • Is Tria 4X then the best?
  • It just worked well for many people but choose the best depending on your skin color.
  • Are these the only hair removal machines?
  • No, there are others, but some may not be popularly known
  • Are there health side effects of using these machines?
  • Yes, there is no guarantee that they are entirely good for your health since most of them use waves. However, the effects are minimal.


The need to permanently retard hair growth has attracted inventions and innovations of at-home laser hair removal products. The market competitive nature for the at-home laser hair removal machines has led to the production of various devices. Some of them are cheap and effective at-home laser devices used for hair removal.

This review article round up hence has strived to enunciate the product as per the Amazon market. According to this roundup of machines used for hair removal, Tria hair removal laser 4X –Fuchsia wins the roundup.

It doesn't require cartridges replacement but only needs recharging. This makes it cheaper in the long run than the other devices and machines that retail at the Amazon. The above reasons, therefore, makes it the most appropriate and highly recommended device, and as the best at-home laser hair removal machine.

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